Sebina & Benny

A new year, ready for new adventures. This wedding session was not at a new place for me, but every wedding is a new experience. I had a great time with Sebina and Benny for their wedding session and also their wedding day. Some people think that only summer months are pretty for weddings, but… Read More Sebina & Benny


Stetson Colt

I love it when I get to photograph important life events for family. In this case I had the chance to photograph a maternity and newborn session for my cousin and their little baby boy! We incorporated quite a few things that are important to the baby’s family and that made this a very unique… Read More Stetson Colt



This little baby girl was so tiny and just so easy to photograph. She also smiled quite often which was so very cute! 2 votes 1 vote 2 votes  


Yadier Mateo

A very dear friend of mine is the momma for this sweet little boy, so this was a very special session for me. He wasn’t very sleepy on his session day but it still turned out great! 0 votes 0 votes 1 vote